Monday, 17 October 2011

Mixed and Doodly Pages

I have not abandoned this blog-just keep forgetting to upload the rest of the Erewhon pics! I finished it a while ago and am currently nearly at the end of my next book-a pastel sketch book with fifferent coloured papers. Here are a few more pages of Erewhon. Left page-self explanatory. Right page-a list of purchases in my last trip to Rye in the summer. All very lovely and useful-especially a weird deep swirly plastic tray. It is perfect to keep all the annoying bottles and bits and pieces near the sink tidy. I used a plastic doily to stamp part of the page and used gold embossing powder on it. The gold is the best colour-it looks dull olive green as a powder but bubbles up into a beautiful gold under the heat tool.

Left page-another list-well two-one of artistic things I have done for a long time, and the other of relatively new things. The page on the right is a quote from a Brazilian artist-Cildo Meireles-

"I could never restrict myself to certain subjects or procedure. Nor could I give up the freedom to experiment with new materials, procedures or questions. Whenever I begin a new work, I always prefer the risk of starting from scratch. Sure, we're always influenced by what other artists we admire have done, or still do. We're all a bit like snails, carrying around our house, our universe."

Left page-doodling circles and things symbolised by them. Right page-a doodle with inks and ball point-it came out looking a bit like the Virgin Mary.
A pogo print of a silly little ebay purchase-which I nearly got poor feedback for as we were on holiday when I won it-for 99p-and I didn't pay for about a week. I love the design of the packet. The right page is part of the journal-sixties wall paper. I have a whole roll of it-I should put some somewhere. It is not a very good paper for art activities though as it is quite brittle.


susan christensen said...

HI, Sarah - the quote is brilliant, and i like the circle page very much as well as listing. best wishes, sus

Sarah said...

Thanks Sus!