Sunday, 27 May 2012

More Russian Book Faces

I am continuing to enjoy filling the Russian book with faces. Made up, and observed from photos are about equal. I like both for different reasons. The made up ones because I love how I don't know what they will look like-though all my made up faces do seem to have a straight ahead serious stare-with slight variations of eye position. The observed ones are fun and make me draw faces in different positions-smiling for example!  I like how this one turned out. I used gouache and watercolour, and the writing only shows through in a couple of spots which I also like.
 This lady in glasses is from a photo-I bought a few in Camden market the other weekend. In the photo she is sitting with a man in front of a small tent. They look like a couple enjoying a picnic on a sunny day. She has quite an angular face and it is hard to really make out her features. Maybe that is why she is painted in thin watercolours-indistinct.
 These two are so sweet. I just love the baby's chubby face and thick dark hair. And also the boy's blunt and crooked haircut-presumably by Mum!

 I just drew these two with a fine pen, and used a little watercolour to add tone.
 Guess who this is? The Queen! It didn't turn out to look much like her! I was concentrating on the shadows and when I looked at the whole thing I didn't see the Queen.
 This is not from my journal, but it is a face so I included it. It is Cassie on a tag. I can't decide if I prefer it before I put the centres in the eyes or afterwards. She doesn't look very happy either way!


lynne h said...

wonderful, sarah!!

yes, i observe the same about made up faces vs. observed ones. the only ones that dont' look straight ahead are the observed ones!


lynne h said...

me again...

i was just thinking that in my mind all faces must be straight on. : )

susan christensen said...

Well, I love them all, but the painting of Cassie really captures the essence of Cat Angst! xxoo, sus

Janine said...

Love these Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Sigh, it looks so nice!

lisa hermanson said...

Really enjoy the journal pages and the faces on printed paper, excellent !