Friday, 4 May 2012

New Books

I had a computer breakdown, and the pictures I took of my last journal were all on there. Luckily I had saved most of my photos elsewhere, but lost the journal ones and all my photoshop ones which I was most annoyed about. I just didn't feel like taking the photos again, and have moved on from that book now anyway. So I thought I would make a quick reappearance here to share some of my current pages. I love drawing and painting faces, and also using old books to work in. Lynne always inspires me too and I had a thought of all her wonderful faces when I started this book the other day. It is not really a journal as I am not writing in it. I want to fill it up with faces. I don't know if I will manage it as there a lot of pages! I am using watercolour and a bit of gouache. The book has Russian text and a pretty cover. I have no idea what it is about! Hopefully something good. If any one reading this knows Russian perhaps you could enlighten me. The paper is pleasant to paint on, and I love the decorative look of the text. Some faces are made up, and others done from photos.

 Another book I am working in at the moment-again more of a sketchbook than a journal. I got the book from work-donated years ago by our lunchtime supervisor, kept in the cupboard and unearthed in recent packing activity. It has lovely shiny smooth paper, that is beautiful to draw on, but also takes watercolour paint. Here is a sketch of an accumulation of dollies and creatures that normally sits on my shelves, but had a holiday to the kitchen table.


susan christensen said...

HI, Sarah - so fun to have you back in Blogland, and see these recent images. xxoo, sus

lynne h said...

oh sarah, my heart jumped when i saw the face over in my sidebar. so happy to see you posting pics from your books/journals again. i just truly love *all* of your art, but you know i love faces the best. : )


Janine said...

Love these Sarah!

Got your comment on my blog, thank you!