Thursday, 8 December 2011

Too Many Obsessions

I take after my Dad in that I flit from thing to thing, obsessively really, until the next thing comes along. I always have to be doing something-like an addiction-but one I prefer to smoking, which is my former addiction. Like my Dad, I go through phases of doing one thing, then put it aside, then do the next and so on. I come back to all my interests eventually but can't stand to do the same thing forever. I did that thing where you pick a word for the year. I thought about how I am, and thought of a word that would try to correct it (self criticism ruled there!) I picked 'focus'. I picked it, thinking it would help me to become really good at one thing, rather than dabbling all the time. In terms of that it was a failure, but in terms of understanding myself better it was great! I now realise that I definitely need to flit from thing to thing to be happy. I try to do things well, and I like to learn new things. I am happy with that.
For me, anything can start off an obsession. In the summer I bought 'Water for Elephants' from the charity shop. I enjoyed the story, and the film which I watched later. But the best part of the book for me, was the author's notes and interview at the end of the book. This is where I learned about her obsession for the circus, and how she had fed that with two particular books of old photos, both of which I now own too. A fascinating world.

What I really want, is endless time! Don't we all?

These are the few pages that came out of the circus fad.


Carole said...

Remember that butterflies flit and they are beautiful!

susan christensen said...

Endless time, yes - that would be the thing. What are the names of the circus books?

lilylovekin said...

I loved Water for Elephants but don't remember those books in the back about the circus, this is something I'm going to check out.

Kat Mortensen said...

Ha! We are cut from the same cloth, my friend!
I bought tons of yarn for knitting and crocheting a while back and had the needles and hooks and all that. Used it for a spell and chucked it in the back of the closet. When we moved, I donated all of it because it seemed a crazy thing to pack.

Just now, I've bought myself a new crochet hook and can't afford the wool because the prices have skyrocketed! I have a hook and no yarn. Have to start scouring the charity shops, I guess.