Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I was out in the garden before writing this page, and out there today. I did a bit of tidying and weeding. Lots of things need attention-the decking seems to be rotting, the fence needs sealing or the same thing will happen to that, the path is mud and needs to be made into a proper path, and the shed is falling down. It was lovely to be outside though. Cassie and Lily came out with me. It is mild today with an invigorating breeze. I tidied up old pots and moved the fatsia japonica and the bay tree (both in pots) up the steps ready to plant them in the garden. There are a few gaps that need a medium to large shrub, and both of these have been stunted in pots for years.

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lilylovekin said...

Sounds like you have some work to do, the work is always so apparent in the bare winter garden. I hope you enjoyed the day and didn't get too discouraged.