Monday, 2 January 2012

Last Pages

This journal will linger on no longer! I finished it ages ago and have gone through a whole small one-where I mainly stuck things in that I liked or wanted to keep and did less painting, drawing or writing. I have the exciting prospect of a new journal to start now-an A5 hard backed sketch book my Dad gave me for Christmas. I shall add some things from it here from time to time. Here are the last few pages of the pastel book that I wanted to share. I love doing test pages of different media. I have a lot of pencils-mainly watercolour and some prismacolour and arranged them all on a day when I must have had lots of time, then coloured a sample in numerical order. I should have this list in my bag really as I have doubles of quite a few colours and can never remember which ones I need when I am in the shop.

I have not written much in this book-this page is an exception. It was already painted and I wrote around the plant head man. I wanted to remember a few stories my Mum and Dad had recently told me-I have a very bad memory so need to do this more often.

Memories of the nursery garden. I brought sunflowers and rose hips home before it was cut off for the construction work to begin.

Circus tent for a hat is what I was thinking here!

Plan for my next felty head-which turned out kind of like this.

I may felt him, I may crochet him or he may just stay a drawing.

My version of a doodly hand from an art book-not sure which one I was looking at.

A partial skull Andy found for me in the gravel by the car park, at the historic dockyard in Chatham. I painted it with gouache and drew on it with pencil.

Some of my letterpress wooden letters found on Greenwich market.


lilylovekin said...

I love the final pages of your pastel journal. Just like my journals, many pages of different subject matter that do not relate to each other. I've been staring at blank pages for the past few days-the white paralysis me. I hope you are having a good start to 2012.

Carole said...

A new journal! I've started a new one too. Let's share.

lynne h said...

wonderful, sarah... i love what you do so much.


susan christensen said...

a lovely spread of drawings, Sarah - and i laugh, same problem with never remembering which prismacolors I need to buy when I finally get to the art supply store. xxoo, sus

angela said...

I love the bone drawing!

Also-- perhaps you are over your circus obsession but I happen to know there is a BIG history of the American circus in the works. Should be very exciting. Cheers from Brooklyn!