Wednesday, 11 May 2011

An Array of Legs

"I met this guy and he was gorgeous. We were dating and we'd had a few dates and guess what? He had a leg missing. Yeah, when he was a child his mother had left the garden gate open and he'd been hit by a car. He was lucky to be alive. He had an array of legs. A dancing leg, a walking leg, and a hill climbing leg and he used to leave the shoe and the sock on them. I found he'd been cheating on me so I got a hacksaw and I cut his dancing leg. Yeah. I hoped he'd be dancing and his leg would...
I told him I'd chuck his legs in the Thames."

This is the best overheard conversation (monologue) I have ever overheard. I heard it on the train from Littlehampton to Brighton and I had to write it down super quick so I wouldn't forget it. The phrase 'an array of legs' is just inspired!

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