Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dolls and Travel Lodges

Dolls-Miss Felicity Haversham-who later went on to cause me much worry by taking three weeks to arrive in Hungary! Here she is with the circus girls and Aiko Cherry Blossom girl posing for her party shots.
The hair was a bird's nest is a little doodle to go with the text and the other page where it says 'but the eyes beneath were grey' is a sketch of myself looking quite haggard in the Travel Lodge in Little Hampton-the one you stayed at too Robert if you are reading! The room had an orange accent wall and a big mirror. From the bed all I could see in the mirror was my tired face!

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Ned Trifle said...

These are so enjoyable to look at Sarah.
What happens to them when they're finished?

I'm sure you've seen this (youprobably have your own copy, or maybe you bought me it in the first place!)


Anyways, their whole (ahem) vibe reminds me of you and your journals.