Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Saffron Sea Journal

This journal is an altered Mills and Boon book that nearly ended up in the charity shop. I liked the 70s feel of the cover, the title and author name too much to get rid of it though, so it stayed on the shelf a bit longer. My last journal was a re-used gardening diary and I really enjoyed the way that what was already in it sometimes influenced what I did with the pages. For this book I gessoed most of the pages, leaving phrases showing. The book is about a florist and has lots of lovely descriptions of colour and flowers. I have tried to use the phrases in a page but not always if they didn't fit. I glued some pages together, and have changed some in other ways such as printing from a photo or cutting a hole. I have really enjoyed using it so far, and wanted to do a one off blog of the whole thing. The paper is lovely to work on-either gessoed or not. It has a woven texture that is especially fun with ink and watercolour. The book needed some reinforcement as the gesso expanded the pages. I sewed through the central part of the book into the spine. I also punched holes to put a tie through to hold the book closed. One page a day to come!


Tracy said...

What a fun project and wonderful place to start! I have an old plant/flower guide book, which I've been thinking what do with... ripping pages to use for collage comes to mind, but seeing your journal idea here inspires. Look forward to seeing what you do here, Sarah :o) ((HUGS))

Sarah said...

Thanks Tracy!