Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Holiday Pages

I used the Pogo printer a lot on holiday. There were so many lovely scenes of sea, sky and mountains, and so many birds to photograph too. The little dog on this page is called Ella and was a very naughty little dog! She loved chasing the birds so had a lot of fun and didn't come back very quickly when called.
We went to a place where fairies lived in the trees-felt fairies I might add. Skye has many stories about fairies and I wrote some of my favourite ones down.
We saw some good rainbows too. The other side of this page is made from wrapping paper-as was the egg page the other day. I love this paper and didn't want to cover it up!
More creatures. A hooded crow, common gull, oyster catcher, rabbit, heron and wagtail.


lilylovekin said...

I love how you've used the pogo prints in your journal. I have a pogo printer and I love it.

Carole said...

Hi. I just found you today and enjoyed reading this and earlier posts. A holiday on Skye has always been a dream of mine. When you have some time visit my blog as I have a give away happening with the draw on Oct 3. Good luck!