Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sunsets, Beaches and Herons

There were lovely sunsets each evening, and, where we were staying, on Broadford Bay, was perfect for viewing them. The house had a little conservatory so you could sit and enjoy the view even when it was getting chilly, or the midges were biting!

This page is photos from our walk to the coral beach. Not really coral, but algae doing a good impression. From a distance it looks like white sand, but up close there are thousands of tiny coral like pieces mixed with shells-also tiny.

More wildlife. You can see the back of a ticket to Dunvegan castle as the page is tracing paper. It is useful as you can see both sides of things such as tickets.


lilylovekin said...

Your sunset photos are lovely, it makes me want to be near a beach.

susan christensen said...

Sarah, thank you for your holiday pages, very inspiring to me, as I am going tripping myself this next week, and taking my sketchbook of course.