Friday, 3 June 2011


The first page was a face I didn't like, so I painted over it with gesso and started again. Her eyes ended up closed, which made me use her hair to write different types of dreams in-recurring types of dreams such as falling, dreams where I solve the great mystery of life, then forget it as soon as I wake up, and dreams where I imagine that my house has another hidden and secret room that I suddenly discover-and it solves all my space problems. I have always had this dream wherever I have lived-and sometimes it takes place in my work environment too.

On the second half of this page is one of my lovely irises and a purple ink drawing of a part of it, done with a feather. And a spelling mistake!

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Serenata said...

I have had that dream about the extra room as well! I wonder what that says about us?! ;-)