Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Spotty Blotches or Blotchy Spots

These are the results of experimenting with gelatine printing. You make up the gelatine on a flat surface such as a baking sheet-I used a plastic tray (food packaging) and stood it on a baking sheet. Once the gelatine has set you can then put ink onto it and take a print from it. You can put things like leaves into the ink I think-I am not sure if I understood the instructions I had properly. I was being impatient so I just blobbed a bit of printing ink (watercolour) on and had a go. The first print came off with a layer of the jelly on it which I thought would never dry, but it did. The next couple didn't have the jelly on it but were more wishy washy looking. The one on the right here is the first.

The print on the left of this page is from a perspex block. The spatters are watercolour. I might add to these two pages later.


lilylovekin said...

I did this at a friends house we used leaves and flowers it was fun but messy, we got impatient and did not let the gelatin set up. Good for you for experimenting on you own.

indie grrrl said...

I really like these.... I have seen these and thought about trying them, but never had. I have tried monoprinting on glass with acrylics... but you have to be super fast or the paint dries. I guess you can wet the paper or add something to the paint, but it was too complicated for me. I had fun with what I did. I think I will post some pic's on my blog. Thanks for sharing. :-)