Friday, 17 June 2011

A Horse of Course

Trying Lynne's mixture of oil pastel and gouache on the first page at the top. Turquoise pastel, white gouache. The pastel resisted the paint in a most satisfying way, allowing a little to stick.
A pogo print of my felty horse that a lovely lady in America bought. She is especially lovely in my estimation as she called my horse 'folk art' which I love! The orange crosshatched paper is envelope interior. It looked like a stand to put the horse on.
The second page is a pogo taken from my friend's car the other night in Leicester, on the way back from Bradgate park. The lights and rain made lovely effects I thought.
I tried to recreate some of the effects of the light with the paint.


lynne h said...

you're making me smile again...

re: the gouache on oil pastels - a lot of times i smoosh the gouache in and smear it around with my finger. then i can add more gouache on top of that and it sticks really well... AND i do love this technique too... : )

lilylovekin said...

I came to your blog by way of Lynne H and I'm loving every thing I see. Your journal pages inspire me. I love how they are a collection of everything.