Monday, 27 June 2011

Inky Darkness and Tinkly Gold Ear-rings

This page is really doodly. The left side is a watercolour girl based on the pretty description from the book. Then a red and yellow orchid but no moonflower! On the right hand side there is a character that came out of a pen doodle stuck to the page, and watercolour doodling around it. The words say 'inky darkness' and the character that has emerged could have come from somewhere inkily dark. He looks a bit like Salvador Dali to me.


indie grrrl said...

Sarah, I linked over from Lynne's blog and have been really enjoying your work. These pages are really fantastic! Really Really like them!!!!!!!!!

lynne h said...

ditto what sandy said!! i ALWAYS love your pages! i love the girl... i think i hear her telling you to paint some tinas for her to hang out with. ; ) xoxo

lilylovekin said...

Love your pages, I journaled a lot this week-end. You and your book were part of my inspiration.