Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Balls in a Bucket

These pages are where I worked out how to arrange the balls in a bucket game that I was going to run for the summer fete. It was supposed to be on Friday but was rained off, so was on Monday instead. I couldn't do it on Monday but two of my colleagues ran it for me(which was very nice of them!) It raised about £10. You had to throw the balls in the bucket, add up your points, for which you were given various amounts of sweets as prizes-points mean prizes!


susan christensen said...

These pages are really evocative for me. Something very thought-provoking about them. (And don't you love it when friends step up to fill in for you in a time of need)? -sus

Sarah said...

The page on the right reminds me of an old ledger a bit. And yes-friends helping out-nothing better!