Sunday, 3 July 2011

Party Souvenirs

These two pages are from Andy's birthday party a few weeks ago. The pretty foil is from Tunnock's dark chocolate teacakes-a biscuity base with soft marshmallow on top, all covered in chocolate. The foil is lovely I think. If it had not been for writing this post I would never have thought to visit Tunnock's website, and I am glad I have as it is a good one! It has fifties looking graphics and little interesting facts about their products which appear across the bottom of the page. My favourite Tunnocks biscuit are these. Anyway, a few of these wrappers were smoothed out and left by one of our friends, so I stuck one in. I had already made the hole in the page and stuck the little clown drawing-a result of that game where each person draws the next part-behind-looking through the hole. The pages help me remember a great party!
I have just noticed how fairground like Tunnock's packaging is, which goes well with the clown!


lynne h said...

hey! i recognize that wrapper and i do love that some now lives with me! xoxo

lilylovekin said...

This sounds like a good treat to try, it certainly has a great wrapper. I love how you cut out the holes in the pages of your journal for a little peek-I'm going to try that.