Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Eggs and the Robin

Two fresh eggs from Rhian's chickens-delicious!

One of my favourite songs related to chickens-here is a sweet version of it I found on youtube related to Farm Africa which looks like a great organisation.

The page was prepared already with the ink and heart stencil, and all that time ago I left the word Robin uncovered, which became suitable now. That has happened quite a lot with this journal-that words I chose to leave uncovered ages ago when I gessoed it, suited what was happening at the time. Here is the Robin I am referring to. Ages ago when it was nesting time, a little Robin would defensively chirp every day on the fence. I went away for a weekend and when I came back he was not there anymore, and I was afraid that one of the cats had got him. About two weeks ago he came back. Obviously I don't know if it is the same one, but he is doing exactly the same thing, and as they are territorial I feel like it might be. He has a damaged looking tail and does look a bit the worse for wear, which also makes me think he is the same one. He arrives on the fence every day but usually when I have got my camera he has gone. Today I was quick enough!

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lilylovekin said...

I love Robins, they are my home state bird. Although the one in your photo looks smaller than the ones we have here in the states. You need to make nature journals I've loved the last two spreads.