Saturday, 16 July 2011

Story Page

This page started off as a biro pen drawing. It looked too wishy washy so I painted it with watercolours. It still didn't look right so I used gouache to deepen the colours. It is just a made up drawing but somehow it has taken on a life of its own. It is as if she is in a winter dark snowstorm, looking out on spring blossom and has a winter tree indoors with her. She could be looking forwards or backwards, or at a present that does not match how she feels. Who knows? I don't know and I did it! I quite like it though!


lilylovekin said...

I like how the white dots repeat themselves on both pages. She seems to be wishing to be in the light of the window, and wistful painting.

lynne h said...

oh, i love these pages, sarah!!! xoxo

indie grrrl said...

Sarah, I totally agree with you, I quite like it alot as well!
I love that you didnt get discouraged and quit, but kept trying different things.. thank you for writing that. As someone newer to this kind of art, I hear that "critic's" voice and it sometimes stops me in my tracks. I rip pages out of journals, or stay away from my journal for a while. The funny thing is, i dont expect to have "perfect" drawings, but I think I still have expectations and I have to let them all go. I'm a work in progress.