Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Paint!

I have read about Casein (kay-seen) paint on Lynne's blog and really wanted to try it. So I finally ordered some from America, as I couldn't find it online here-though I did find decorator's casein paint, and also found out what it is which I didn't know-it is based on a milk protein.
Here is the wikipedia page on it-most interesting! It says that it used to be a favourite paint of illustrators until acrylic came along. It is very different to acrylic-which I use mainly for dolls as it has a waterproof finish but the plastic look of dried acrylic is what I don't especially like-I know I could use matt medium but it seems like such a faff! I like how the paint feels as you use it-creamy really. I read in the wikipedia page that it has a more even consistency than gouache(which I love and have used a lot recently.) It looks somehow slightly more velvety when it is dried. Like gouache it can be thinned as you like-I used it thick and then the next day re-wet it to do another painting, so used it more thinly. Both were good. The colours are lovely and intense. It has a strange smell (this may not be important to you but I do love to smell things!) Not unpleasant-it reminds me of dettol-a popular disinfectant here!

Rush rush-the first page was a huge rush to try all the colours-a strange face emerged-looking a bit cross and wondering why his pattern book has no pattern on the front. The second page is a bad copy of a pre-raphaelite face-and my memory is so bad that although it was only a couple of days ago I have drawn a blank in trying to remember which one! (End of term madness is my excuse!)

I have two or three more pages left in The Saffron Sea and then I have to choose my next journal. Not sure which one to choose yet, but am going to carry on using this blog to share journal pages. I have enjoyed it and like the fact that I have a record of the whole thing. Thanks for comments, following and encouragement!


lilylovekin said...

I love what you did with your new paints. I certainly hope you will keep blogging about your new journal as I've become a fan.

lynne h said...

oh sarah, this is exciting! you know i had to come right over when i saw those tubes of casein on my sidebar! i love your paintings! that blue is nice - which one is it... and that red...

can you see me smiling a big smile? : )