Monday, 22 August 2011

Drawing or Sketching?

Whichever it is, that is what I was doing. I had inked the pages with ink pads, and with no thought of what would go on them. As it was it worked quite well, in the first one seeming to highlight the central part of the drawing, and in the ones of the builders, giving a bright outdoor feel. I have so many art supplies(see previous post!) that I forget what I have and therefore have the pleasure of periodically rediscovering something. I still have my tin of ink pads out on the table (a very nice tin in the shape of a highland terrier-it contained shortbread, my favourite biscuit) and so have inked a number of pages. Drawing the kitchen makes me think about perspective and how difficult I find it! So I had a second go-mainly to try to understand the chair position.

Then on the right hand page what I think is more of a sketch than a drawing, as the subject is a moving one-the builders replacing the roof on the school behind where I live. Another thing I have a bit of a fear of drawing is people-not faces(mainly straight on, forward facing-again a fear!) but bodies. So I enjoyed having a go and not caring too much about the results. I think the hats give the impression of realism if nothing else does!

Second builder sketch and a list of what I have been up to. I always worry that I am not using my time well in the summer holiday so obsessively write down my activities to convince myself that I am. Only now, as they are almost at an end, am I beginning to relax a bit!

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