Thursday, 11 August 2011

Shiny and Shimmery

First page-I used lovely glaze pens and metallic gel pens from Sakura. The page on the left is a pogo print of a photo of one of the pages from a learning journey book from my class this year. We are not doing them in the same way again as they were massively labour intensive-lovely though but we need to find an easier way next year. I took photos of a sample of the books just in case I need to show them to anyone.
The page on the right says 'I am an addict of art'-I would have added 'materials' to that statement but I ran out of room! I was just trying out my newish metallic watercolour pencils. They are nice but not quite shimmery enough I feel.


jabblog said...

The watercolour pencils have such lovely colours. I like them.

Kat Mortensen said...

Yes, you are! I think we both have the addictive personality, Sarah. Yours is just far more focussed than mine!


susan christensen said...

I laugh! The drawing on the left in the first photo is really stunning. -sus

Anonymous said...

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lilylovekin said...

Don't you like the pogo printer for your journal pages? I have so much fun with mine although I have trouble with the battery holding up. Great pages with the colored pencils.