Tuesday, 30 August 2011

To Do

A to-do art project list-only two of which are done! The snail got done the day after and I have made a felt owl for the doll but everything else is still waiting! Then, for want of an idea, I carefully coloured in a chequered pattern on the graph paper page. I really enjoy colouring in at times. I find it very therapeutic-like doodling. Next week I go back to work after the summer holidays, and the first day-of usually quite tedious meetings, is a prime doodling day! I try to resist but am usually so bored I can't help it.

The snail photo added the next day. He was fun, and quick to make, which is not always the case with needle felting. He has a real shell, and little bead eyes on wires.

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lilylovekin said...

Enjoy the final days of your summer holidays. Time has gone by fast. Fall is here and it feels as if summer never really started.