Sunday, 28 August 2011


This mouse is representative of my inability to throw much away. He is from my brother's house-remnants of the last occupant-an elderly lady. My brother is quite able to de-clutter, and laughs at me for my over filled house and collecting habits. So when I was allowed to look through what was left in his house after he moved in, I found it hard to not take things away, to be appreciated later. Only recently did I turf the bag of stuff out of the cupboard, to find out what was left. This little mouse is broken and badly repaired, so he either has to go in the bin, or, because he has a nodding head, to join with my nodding head china poodle-part of a small collection of poodles, keep his head down, and pretend he is one too. So that is what he has done.

I am a hopeless case.


susan christensen said...

Hello, Sarah - I just spent a delightful half hour catching up on your pages - enchanting and makes me want to draw. love, sus

lilylovekin said...

I really like the pastel colors of these pages. Yes I'm a collector also, I hold on to things for years. My back room is so messy because that is where I throw everything, I can hardly walk through it-you are not alone.